Lose your love handles

Lose Love Handles

As we get older our lifestyles adjust and there can be transforms in our bodies that we don’t like. One of these is the love handles you get as you approach middle age. Many individuals accept these as being normal and like greying hair and creases think that the only way you can do something about them is by buying expensive treatment, so just accept them as part of old age. However, this need not be the case, with some simple life changes you can lose those love handles and keep them off forever.

The reason why we tend to increase fat as we get older is that our life transforms. We no longer have kids at home to run around soon after, and we may well do less exercise now that we can more simply afford to push around in our cars. We also have less kids in the home dependent on our income so can afford more food too. These are the aspects that cause our bodies to adjust and fat to go on.

So to lose those love handles you just need to modify a few simple things.
Firstly make sure you are drinking enough. Your body can tell you that you are hungry, when in fact it just needs more fluids. So have a big mirrors of h2o when you feel hungry to be sure that food is really what you want. When you do eat choose a healthier option. You don’t need to make big changes, but just pick fruit instead of a biscuit, or a carrot instead of chips just a few of times a day and that will be enough to start to make a difference.
The other big transform that happens as you get more aged is that you do less exercise. So leave the car at home occasionally and you will see those love handles drop away.

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